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Hello my name is Angelina, I am a clairvoyant (seeing information) - clairaudience (hearing information) - clairsentience (feeling information) - energist, a direct channel and medium. It is the greatest gift to be able to help others & give direction to those who are lost. I feel that this gift was given to me to help others. I can help you with your future & give you clarity. I connect with your spiritual guides, angels and higher self to create perspective and clarity to use regarding whatever you are presently dealing with.


I have mastered many spiritual steps and made many skeptics true believers from my psychic readings and spiritual work. My clients have personally witnessed and experienced the psychic gifts and spiritual work that I have been blessed with. As a faithful practitioner, I believe in the power of prayer, with discipline and devotion, I use prayer and meditation to gain insight and access information about your life. I also take the time to pray and meditate with you to help you realize your dreams and unravel your heart’s desires. I help you discover how to replace negative energies with positive.


I believe this gift was given to me to be used as a tool for helping others. At an early age however, I was faced with a question. I thought "how can I succeed in any career if I'm going to spend all of my time helping others?" That was when I decided to make helping others a career in itself. I've helped thousands of individuals put control of their lives back into their own hands. My spirit guides will help guide you in the right direction, to a path were you can live your best life. With my psychic abilities I will assist you to understand your choices in life and will give insight into your situation.


I specialize in matters of the heart. I have good insight into relationships and love. I understand people well, and the romantic relationship is the hardest one we have to manage in this life. That being said, I can give you information about your past, current and future love prospects. I can give you advice about how to handle the most delicate This advice I give you is real advice that can give you the answers that you seek. I can let you know if your love situation is one that can be salvaged, and I will give you advice and tools to work on the situation in a caring and loving manner. I can guide you to rekindle love that is on unstable ground, and help you to create harmony in your life.


With the tools and Psychic Insight I have, I will provide the template and story to the current situation. That will provide the insight to see into the past, look at the present, and create the future outcome that you seek. This will allow me to help you see how the past you have created will affect the future that will happen; and it will allow me to the chance to help you select the correct course of action for your future to insure the best possible outcome for your happiness and success. 


I can help you to protect yourself and be prepared for what is coming your way. This gives you options, and that allows you to use my readings to shape your destiny. This will bring ease to your mind, and give you options to be able to navigate any choppy waters in your future. Knowing what is to come will relieve your stress, and allow you to take care of yourself while you transition into your new situation or circumstances. I can give you the advice and skills to protect yourself from possible harm and heartache. I will be able to provide the guidance you seek, and I can answer your questions and ease all your fears and doubts about the situations that are causing you stress and worry


Angelina - - (516) 747-3819


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